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MPC5675K: can not read data from EBI module.

Question asked by yunzhe du on Mar 29, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2015 by David Tosenovjan

Hi,I am using MPC5675K EVB for testing EBI module. I can get the signals of CS0, BE, TS and OE, but can not read any corrent data(just 0xFFFFFFFF).

I probed the data/address bus signals and found none valid data. I did not try write operation.

The register configuration that I did is given below:

MCR: 0x00000803

BR0: 0x200008a3

OR0: 0xfffe0030

/* control signals */

PCR[147..154,156] = 0x081f;

/* data/address signals */

PCR[158..197] = 0x080f;


longword0 = *(vuint32_t*)(0x20000000);


I really appreciate any help and suggestion in advance.