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Switching sensor while capturing video using CSI causes video scrolling

Question asked by Otto Blom on Mar 27, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2015 by Otto Blom

Hi There,


We are capturing video on the CSI port (BT1120 with embedded sync) and displaying it on a LCD. Problem is when the sensor (camera) is switched the video scrolls slowly for 4-5 seconds until it stabilizes again. The video format remains the same, however the signals do not have vsync lined up, which I'm assuming is causing the issue. I do not quite understand why its behaving like this though, since the vsync is present the CSI should be able to figure out the proper alignment right away.


We do not mind stopping and restarting the video to fix the problem, however I'm not aware of any status bits that could be read to indicate this problem. Are there any such bits ?


Btw, we are using gstreamer with the tvsrc running on a iMX6Q Yocto 1.0.0GA


Any help would be appreciated