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MX6SL Power up without OFF mode support

Question asked by Nathan Palmer on Mar 27, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2015 by Nathan Palmer

I have had problems booting a board with an MX6SL CPU + PF0100 PMIC.  As a workaround, we have removed support for the SNVS domain by making the following design changes.  I think that all of them are supported by the official Freescale documentation, but I wanted to ask the community if there is anything that I am missing:


See: SR 1-3679179854 and


1) Can I short VDD_HIGH_IN to VDD_SNVS_IN external to the MX6SL and drive them both with the SW2 (3.15V) output of the PF0100 PMIC?


2) Can I force the PMIC to be "always on" by shorting PWRON to SNVS on the PF0100?


I think those two things will fix the boot problem at the expense of no longer supporting the SNVS power mode on the MX6SL.  Any gotchas to look out for?