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Problems with shared memory switching between cores on crossworks/cmsis-dap

Question asked by Alessandro Urbano on Mar 27, 2015
Latest reply on May 6, 2015 by Alessandro Urbano

I am creating a dual core application with crossworks,starting with the example dual core application.

I want to have a shared area,like for mcc (shared-memory,0x3f040000). I was changing the size of A5 and M4 on the project properties,as to have that shared region on Bottom of the A5 part and on Top of M4 part(it fits)

After that,I was trying to debug the project,but it doesn't run as i think due to memory problem.

From one of the two cores,If I select an address of shared memory like 0x3f040000(or another region,in OCRAM,SRAM, from 0x3f000000 to 0x3f07FFFF,it is not so important) and try to write a value(or the program does it),when I change the project part to the other core,crossworks loses the value,like that the debugger doesn't really read the memory,but a local image of memory,or it could be that everytime I change to other core,it  reload the memory saved locally.I don't know.

Do you have an Idea of what could be the problem?actually I don't know what to modify(if it is possible to do what i want to do)


P.S. I am trying even with DS-5 and the effect is the same.If I connect the A5 part,seems that i lost control on M4 part.And vice versa.Probably I have some problem on debugging the two cores at the same time...not only the shared memory is involved