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Debugger reports: Can't find a source file at "C:\Projects\USB-MSD-2\Debug/../Sources/main.c"

Question asked by David Pfaltzgraff on Mar 26, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2015 by Michael Economides

I renamed a project to start a new effort. When I defined a new debug (SEGGER J-Link) configuration, everything seemed to be OK until I tried to step through the program. At that point the debugger shows a blank screen with the message:


Can't find a source file at "C:\Projects\USB-MSD-2\Debug/../Sources/main.c"


My project is located at C:\Projects\MQX-HelloWorld and I am unable to find where the debugger is getting the old information.


Where is this information defined, or where can I find the documentation on (correctly) setting up a new debugger configuration?