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How to rescale of the IPU using GStreamer

Question asked by Gavin Greenwalt on Mar 26, 2015
Latest reply on May 12, 2015 by nagendra sarma

I'm trying to resize a video feed but I'm getting an error.


mfw_v4lsrc device=/dev/video0 ! \

mfw_ipucsc ! \

'video/x-raw-yuv, width=100, height=100' ! \

vpuenc codec=mjpg ! \

tcpclientsink host= port=910 sync=false


But when I run my launch with width=100, height=100 added I get this error.

ERROR: from element /GstPipeline:pipeline0/MFWGstV4LSrc:mfwgstv4lsrc0: Internal data flow error.


Reason not-negotiate....(-4)


I tried adding (int) in front of the width and height but to no avail.