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TWR-VF65GS10-PRO Out of Box Demo Capabilities

Question asked by Derek Newcombe Employee on Mar 26, 2015
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Hi All!


I am in the process of obtaining the Vybrid evaluation kit, and I am looking for detailed information on what the OOB demo is capable of and can do, as well as a guide to get this full demo up and running (tower board, with all modules incl. LCD screen). At this time, I am looking to see if the OOB demo would include a webserver.


The most I can find is this intro video from Freescale. The Tower Page or Product Page doesn’t seem to give me information within any of the documentation (tower user guides or quick start guides), and the QSG doesn’t detail hardware setup for the kit, only the TWR board itself. At this point I don't think a webserver is contained within the demo, just looking to confirm.

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