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Problem with USB dongle

Question asked by Francisco KEDJAGNI on Mar 26, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2015 by Pascal Irrle


I have just join company that use Eclipse IDE with CW compiler. The computers are running Win7, 32 bit.

We have installed also CW for HC12 V4.5.

We have 3 usb dongle V5.95.

We run Eclispe luna. ok,

I follow the company usual installation procedure to get the correct version of dongle driver


But when i try to compile my code, i get error4025: This limited version allows only 32768 bytes of C code.


To check if the dongle is identified by my pc, i try with the lmtools


and i can see the FlexID.

But still not compiling my C code. Can you help me please? What i am supposed to do to overcome this situation?

Thank All,