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MPC5644A : flash memory problem

Question asked by Gianluca Dall'Aglio on Mar 25, 2015


I implemented a bootloader code on MPC5644A, this code erases the flash memory and after that programs s-record file sent via CAN.

Even if the bootloader code works well and  the application code ether,

(the bootloader start address is 0x40000 and the application code start address is 0xC0000)

when the code jump to application code start address, something goes wrong

below attached the error message


IVOR1trap:  bIVOR1trap // Machine check / (NMI) interrupt handler

                             // ISI, ITLB Error on first instruction fetch for an exception handler

                             // Parity Error signaled on cache access

                             // External bus error


what kind of problem could be this?

could anyone help me?