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MC9S12XEQ - Running XGATE code out of paged (i.e. banked) RAM

Question asked by Nimish Tambe on Mar 25, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2015 by Nimish Tambe



I am currently using a MC9S12XEQ512 controller.


I'm trying to run XGATE code out of paged RAM (RAM_F8 and RAM_F9).


My linker .prm file is set up correctly, and I have used the appropriate pragmas in the XGATE ISR code to ensure that the XGATE ISR will run out of paged RAM.


However, when I link the file, I get the error message: "L1128: Cutting value _Range beg data member from 0xF81100 to 0x1100".


On startup, I stepped through the code and noticed that the XGATE code does not get copied over correctly from FLASH to the appropriate banked/paged RAM location.


As a result of this, the XGATE vectors to an uninitialized location in RAM (0xF81100)  when an interrupt occurs, and eventually raises a software error.


Is there a way to ensure that the XGATE code can run out of paged (i.e. banked) RAM correctly?


Thanks a lot in advance.