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How to add an SPI component ?

Question asked by Filip Dossche on Mar 25, 2015
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I am trying to add an SPI component using processor expert.

I can't do it because it reports an error when I try to generate the code.

Using the Component Inspector I see where the error is



Logically I try to correct it using the Timing dialog box:



By selecting a clock configuration I get a list of possible settings but whichever I choose it keeps saying there is an error.


Obviously I am doing something wrong or I am missing something.

Can anyone tell me what that might be ?


No joy yet, I have been at this all morning and I Have noticed the following extra things:

- The timing dialog box does not show any possible values when the selected clock configuration is "ALL".

- If I select a value in any one of the single Clock configurations I always get a "Timing setting failed in Clock configuration x" message for another clock configuration.

- If there are no applicable common values that would be logical but how do you set it up so there are

- I can click on "clock path" and it shows the path for "Clock configuration 0". I can't select another one or make changes to it.

- Advanced stays greyed out.

- I have messed around with activating clock configurations 0...3 in the CPU but no difference whatsoever.

- How do you specify to use a particular clock configuration ?


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