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Getting a Cellular Modem in yocto to work

Question asked by michaeldiamond on Mar 24, 2015

I need to get a celluar modem to function in yocto.  I have several modems and based on boundary devices blog post ( i have some huawei models.  I have the drivers that boundary added into their kernel.  I have installed the following yocto packages "dnsmasq modemmanager networkmanager uuid" and they install fine.  The blog post talks about ubuntu and it seems to have different versions of these programs.  The version of modemmanager does not have the mmcli talked about in the boundary devices blog.  I have tried searching for user instructions on modemmanager and have found nothing useful.  the modemmanager and networkmanager don't start on boot and I haven't found an easy way to get them started.  Has anyone gotten a cellular modem to work in yocto?  What steps did you take.


Any help here would be great