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RTCS running out of memory during TCP data transfer such as FTP

Question asked by Paul GOUNOT on Mar 24, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2015 by Paul GOUNOT

Dear Freescale supprt and community fellows,


I am facing since MQX 4.0, now MQX4.1.1 an issue with RAM footprint stability during TCP file transfer, FTP for example. Systems runs out of memory. There are various posts on the community forum on the topic, however most of the time the conclusions are to way for the next MQX release or to tweak TCP/IP stack parameters. We are freezing the code for a production candidate and can't take the risk of a new MQX upgrade at this stage.

After several days investigating the issue, I've been able to characterize the problem and isolate it to the way RTCS manages cloned TCB. A short report describing the issue more in details, steps to reproduce with MQX 4.1.1, and commented logs is enclosed.

Not being a TCP nor a RTCS expert, still I'm struggling to find a smart implementation to solve it which will be safe from a TCP protocol point of view and from a RTCS integrity point of view.

Please could Freescale developpers have a look to my report and advise about how to do so.

Any comment from the community fellows is welcome.


I'm using Kinetis devices (K60 and K64) with no external memory.