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What are the differences between K61 and K70 microcontrollers?

Question asked by kaitav on Mar 24, 2015
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We are planning to select either K61 and K70 microcontroller for our next design and would want to know the major differences between the two or the differences worth considering. We are looking at the 256-pin BGA package for both.


I went through the documentation and Kinetis MCU Selection guide quickly to find that K70 additionally has a Graphic LCD controller. Apart from this, I was not able to see any major differences between the two. Both K61 and K70 have DDR memory controller in their 256-pin BGA packages, and we want to use it in our design. Specifically to DDR controller, is there any difference between the DDR controller of K61 and that of K70?


Any help would be much appreciated.