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CW 10.6 workspace crashes often

Question asked by Joseph Kissell on Mar 23, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2015 by Joseph Kissell

I've been using CW Eclipse since 10.1 and am now currently on CW 10.6. An issue I've had all along is that my workspace "crashes". The problem first presents itself as "odd" behavior from the debugger reporting variable data that is inaccurate. I know the IDE/Workspace crashed because I'll eventually close the IDE and re-open. When I do that, I get a message telling me CW can't open my workspace. The frustrating part is that I don't always immediately get this message. Sometimes, I have to close and re-open multiple times. Sometimes I have to reboot my PC.


-I'm using a Windows 7 64-bit PC with 8GB of RAM. Don't know if this is valuable information, but I am usually around the 4GB boundary of RAM usage when I see this problem occur.

-From CW10.1 to CW10.5, I was using Kinetis MCU and had this issue once every few months.

-Now, I'm on CW10.6 (running all the latest updates) and am I'm using HCS08 MCU. The problem seems to be at least once a week if not DAILY!


Once this problem occurs, I've have to delete my .metadata folder and rebuild my entire workspace. That used to take me 30 minutes, but I'm getting so much practice recently, I can now do it in 10 minutes. This problem has been VERY frustrating as it's had me loose countless hours of development time chasing errors that are not real (because of data inaccurately reported by the debugger)! At the VERY least, I need a method of knowing when this issue has occurred so I can reboot and get back to a clean slate.


Is this a known issue? Are other people experiencing this?

Is there something I'm doing that makes this issue appear more often?