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KDS crash on adding 10th DMAChannel_LDD (using same DMAController)

Question asked by Andrew Parlane on Mar 23, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2015 by mentair



I was working on a project for the MK12DX128VLK5, using processor expert. I have a single DMAController component, and 9 DMAChannel_LDD components that all reference the DMAController component. I now need to add another DMAChannel (the chip supports up to 16) however whenever I do this, I get the pop up asking which DMAController component to use, if I say the pre-existing one, everything immediately stops responding and I have to end the task.


I then created a new test project for the same CPU, and added 10 DMAChannel_LDD components (all referencing the same Controller) and nothing else. On the 10th KDS crashed again.


Further more I've tried copy and pasting components and editing them later. Also I've created the channel to use a new component, then edited it. Both cases crash as soon as I change the channel / controller to the setup I need.


I was initially running KDS v1.2 when I found this. I uninstalled and installed v2.0.0 which didn't help.


Windows 7 64bit.


I can provide other details on request.