Problem using 8MHz Crystal on MC9S08GT8A

Discussion created by Julien PEYROUTON on Nov 7, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2007 by Julien PEYROUTON
Dear all,

I'm using a MC9S08GT8A with a 8MHz crystal and Rf = 1MOhm, Rs = 0Ohm, Cl = 18pF(according to crystal datasheet). I'm using the BDM of the Indart-One debugger.
I initialized the ICGC1 = 0x30, ICGC2 = 0x00 to get FBE mode, so fcpu = 8MHz >> fbus = 4MHz, but the crystal doesn't start: The "while(!ICGS1_ERCS) {}" keeps blocking, I see a stable 3.3V (Vdd) at both side of the crystal.

Does someone know what could be the problem ?

Thank you for any help !

Julien P.