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PLL and Debugging Problem (aka PLLSEL=1 lost comunication)

Question asked by Sebastian Irazabal on Nov 7, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2007 by Sebastian Irazabal
Hi, I've got this problem with the PLL and the Debugger...
I'm using Codewarriror v4.6 with MC9S12A128. I'm also using the USB BDM, and the debugging tool is HiWave.
I want to debug in a speed up to 40Mhz but I can't... I've got the same problem at 24Mhz... That's because, as Alban, the bus clock changes when PLLSEL=1... And he also said that "
Depending on your BDM debugging tool, you can have an option to get automatic speed and synchronization if the bus changes."
How can I do that??

Now, I'm running at 16Mhz with external Clock... But if I can get higher speed that would be great... I'd like to push the uC to its maximun speed... Will the debugger tool / BDM have any problem with that?