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HELP:Migration from HCS08

Question asked by Abhijit Jagtap on Mar 22, 2015
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I have been an HCS08 guy since quite a few years.

My favourite controller is the 5 volt MC9S08MP16 which has got all the capabilities of Motor control and Power conversion.Only drawbacks are an 8-bit core, and that it is an older device and reached maturity.


Key peripherals which i love and use mostly

1)FlexTimer Modules (PWM and i/p pulse measurement)

2)Programmable delay block (measure with ADC at exact intervals)

3)HSCMP (to trigger PDB)



6)MTIM (for house keeping etc)


I now want to migrate to Kinetis.

I looked at E series for its 5v spec. But saw that it doesnt have the PDB block.

V series is good enough but it is a 3v device.


All the information is quite mind boggling for me.

Can someone suggest what i should choose, since i wam about to make this a de-facto standard for all my designs.

In each of my boards i normally have a MCU daughter card plugged , so maybe i will just change this board and all my other main board design remains same.


Please someone comment