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Can anybody explain the function "dfr16RFFT(pRFFT, pX, &zRFFTBuf);"??

Discussion created by Eric Kerzinger on Nov 6, 2007
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I try to compute a signal with the FFT. The signal is received over an ultrasound sensor and is attached to ADC on the microcontroller.
Now my problem is when I use the function dfr16RFFT it doesn't work correctly

dfr16RFFT (pRFFT, pX, &zRFFTBuf);

I start the program and it jumps into the function "dfr16bitrev.asm". it stays there and does not come out any more.

This is the code where the program stops:

********* dfr16bitrev.asm ************
    sub       y0,d                        ; d=d-y0
    asr       y0                          ; y0=y0/2
    cmp.w     y0,d                        ; Check if d>=y0
    bge       chk_again                   ; If yes,check again

CodeWarriori version 8.0
Microcontroller: MC56F8037
Testboard: MC56F8037EVM


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