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Sabre board power sources bad sizing?

Question asked by Markos Losada on Mar 20, 2015
Latest reply on May 30, 2015 by igorpadykov

I am working with the SABRE Platform for Smart Devices Reference Design Based on the i.MX 6 quad core. I have noticed that the power consumption of the IMX6 core (VDD_ARM23_IN) may be grater than the used source capability, i.e. the switching regulator PF0100 SW1A/B can generate just up to 2500 mA and the ARMCORE could achieve a consumption up to  3920 mA.


If this is true, the SABRE board would work ok if this limit is not exceed. However, if the IMX6 is bring under a high performance processing task, it could not work properly. Am I right? or Am I forgetting something?


Thank in advance