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i.MX6 kernel boot parameter "ldb=" still active?

Question asked by torus1000 on Mar 20, 2015
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I remembered i.MX6 L3.0.35 supported dual LVDS display to set kernel parameter such as ldb=dul0.

Then I tried this for KK4.4.3 but some of them were ignored.

     c.f. u-boot=> setenv mmcargs .... ldb=dul0

           u-boot=> boot


The results were:
      ldb=dul1 OK                           #dual  (same output to 2 panels)
      ldb=sep  Fail(same as dul1)   #serarate
      ldb=spl1 Fail(same as dul1)   #split (2 ports for 1 panel)


Is this parameter still valid/alive?