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CW HC12 4.5, build 6037 and Axiom Manufacturing CML-12C32

Question asked by sepaugh sepaugh on Nov 5, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2007 by sepaugh sepaugh

I'm trying to learn the new ways of CodeWarrior (CW) after having used the AxIDE in the past with the HC11.

I now have the CML-12C32 (MC9S12C32) from Axiom and while I can get the AxIDE to see the board via the serial port (COM1), I'm having no such luck whatsoever with CW. I have used the project wizard in CW to start my project and have chosen to build the project with both the "Full Chip Simulation" and the "HCS12 Serial Monitor". The program works under the simulation (as far as I can tell), but when I try to select the serial monitor to download to the hardware, CW replies that there is no hardware found.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.