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Unable to install file system on an USB

Question asked by arnogir on Mar 19, 2015
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I'm working with a K70 and MQX 4.1.


I'm using USB and work correctly on my side.


A persone who use the board are unable to use the USB.


Problem come from this part of code (Same as MQX USB sample)

/* Install MFS over partition */
 ErrorCode = (int32_t)_io_mfs_install(usb_fs_ptr->PM_FD_PTR, file_system_name, 0);
 if (ErrorCode != MFS_NO_ERROR)
 printf("Error initializing MFS over partition: %s\n", MFS_Error_text((uint32_t)ErrorCode));


Return Error is -1.


For information, this USB key work correctly with the Freescale Bootlader for K70.

After debug, (you can see a screenshot) the function _io_usb_mfs_read_sector_internal is called.

In this function there are a loop, but return value is -1.


Can tou know why this function return -1. What can be the root cause?