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About AIPSTZx_OPACR2 register in i.MX6Q.

Question asked by Keita Nagashima on Mar 19, 2015
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Dear All,

Hello. I have a question about AIPSTZ1_OPACR2 register in i.MX6Q.

Refer to "13.8.4 Off-Platform Peripheral Access Control Registers (AIPSTZx_OPACR2)" in MCIMX6DQRM(Rev.2).

My customer made original bootloader. But, it couldn't boot up with AIPSTZ1_OPACR2(0x0207c048) = 0x44444444 (=reset value).

They change the AIPSTZ1_OPACR2 from 0x44444444 to 0x00000000.

It can boot successfully!

BSP (L2.6.38_11.11.01_ER_source) had already cared  the AIPSTZ1_OPACR2 from 0x44444444 to 0x00000000 in "lowlevel_init.S".

Refer to attached file (L71~L97).


Q1: Why is it necessary to clear the AIPSTZ1_OPACR2 register to 0?

Q2: What meaning of SP bit?


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