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SYS_UUID8 value

Question asked by Stefano De Blasiis on Mar 19, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2019 by Stefano De Blasiis

Dear all, I have a HCS08PT60 with CodeWarrior  Version: 10.6.



1) When I read the unique register 8 the value it isn't the same respect the register.


void main(void) {


    debugga_1 = SYS_UUID8;

    debugga_2 = SYS_UUID6;


The debug_1 register is 0xF2 and in the register windows is write 0xFF NOT CORRECT

The debug_2 register is 0x20 and in the register windows is write 0x20  CORRECT


What's wrong ?




2) The 64 bit UUID is random or progressive value ?


Thanks all