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how to change the __bss

Question asked by Hyun-mo Yang on Mar 19, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2015 by igorpadykov

Hi All,

i am using the iMX6DL sabreauto EVK board with u-boot-2009.08

It is boot-up issue about _bss_start and _bss_end. _bss_start address is 0x278323D8 and _bss_end address is 0x2983C01C.

When EVK start with u-boot-2009.08, it take 950ms to reach to board_init() function becasue BSS area of iMX6 is large above 32Mbyte.

But BSS area of iMX35 is 30kbyte.

I have three questions, the first, where is the file in u-boot-2009.08 in order to set up

__bss_start and _end address?

The second, how do i decrease BSS area from 32Mbyte to 300Kbyte?

The third, can i fix the address about _end address as 0x278B23D8?


you can find the _bss_start variable and _end variable in start.S of u-boot-2009.08/cpu/arm_cortexa8

Please help me to resolve my concern.