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Question asked by Takashi Takahashi on Mar 19, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2015 by GraceH

Dear community.


I have 6 questions about   BadBlockMarkerByte.


1, BadBlockMarkerByte is, if Bad Block information of NAND flash Manufacturer is in the Byte # 2048 of the first page

    of the Block, to specify the 2048?

2,Please tell me how to use the BadBlockMarkerStartBit

    Although there are a BadBlockMarkerByte for ROM to use when swapping 8 bits with fiirst byte of metadata,
    What is this 8bits?


3,BBMarkerPhysicalOffset is, Bad Block information of NAND flash Manufacturer is, of Page # 0 of each Block, located in the Byte # 2048,  

   BadBlockMarkeryByte is Is 0 if 2048?
If there is to 2049Byte, specify 1 as the offset?


4,Description of  DISBBM of if 0 ROM will swap BadBlockMarkerByte with metadata[0] after reading a page using BCH40.

    How to confirm of the Manufacturer of Bad Block and will do iMX6 the SWAP to Metadata bytes?

    By the SWAP, when would be written to the Page, and it  will not be able to write to the Page.


5,BBMark_spare_offset, it is with The offset in mata data place which stores the data in Bad block marker place.

   Would you please more explanation .


6,What function of DISBB_Search  Bad block Search.

    Looking for a Bad block mark of Manufacturer,and make the DBBT?

   In that case, Do i need Boot from NAND to make DBBT?