Chris Lincoln

CW4CF 6.4: How to create a new project for a new design?

Discussion created by Chris Lincoln on Nov 2, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2007 by Dumitru Negrea
Hello all,
I am a Codewarrior & Coldfire nube. I have an M52233DEMO board and have all sorts of fun with the TCP/IP samples and other trivial experiments using the new project wizard and the appropriate stationery. In a short while, I should have a real target board based on the M52233. My question is this:
What is the general practice for creating a new project using CW, if any? The trial projects that I have generated using the M52233DEMO and EVB stationery contain code and files that are particular to those boards. There is also a stationery called CF_V2_ISS. I could any of them as a starting point, but I feel like I am missing the boat.