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send/receive message through UART(or USB) ZTC

Question asked by Min Gwak on Mar 17, 2015
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I am working with TWR-13237-kit (it include 2 units - coordinator and Light switch(ZED) ) and run "MC13237 ZHA Dimmable Light ZC" demo code.

The coordinator connect to the host PC and monitor by "MC13237_ZHA_Demo" GUI.

I think the demo kit use ZTC for communicate to host PC.

I found ZTC setting in the 'ZTCInterface.h', UART1 setting in the UART_Interface.h (by Beekit)

But I hard to find the code that send/receive message using ZTC . ( search the CodeWarrior)

Could you explain to me how it works and where I have to modify the code for my application?

I'd like to send/receive message by my linux computer. 

example, I'd like to display new message(text) on the host PC and send/receive difference message(command) 


I found documents "Freescale ZigBee Test Client (ZTC) Reference Manual" and "BeeStack BlackBox ZTC Reference Manual" but It doesn't have the information that I really want to know.