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How to use BSP cloning wizard

Question asked by Praveen S on Mar 17, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2015 by Praveen S

Hi,    We are trying to clone mRTU52259 using twrmcf52259 by using MQX BSP cloning wizard.   

We followed the steps mentioned in "Getting Started with Freescale MQX™ RTOS BSP Cloning Wizard" user guide..

   Generate MQX projects icon was clicked and after Generating the MQX project.   

In the console it is displaying stderr mentioned below...


stderr:    D:\miniRTU52259\tools\generator\..\CodeWarriorNPW\miniRTU52259_32.reg (The system cannot find the path specified) ************************************************************************************* 

We are using MQX4.1.1 RTOS

One more problem was we couldnot generate the "build_libs.wds" ie .wds file in build folder.

Please tell us exact procedure to do the BSP cloning....................