Jaco Maritz

USB TAP Problem with MC56F8345

Discussion created by Jaco Maritz on Oct 31, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2007 by Tom Thompson
I just bought a USB TAP and upgrade CW to FreeScales downloadable updates to V7.3
In ccs with verbose on I get the following
0: USB TAP (JTAG) (utap:smileyhappy: Loader software ver. {1.6}
Sending code to USB TAP - please wait
Connection #1 accepted from localhost at Wed Oct 31 19:37:49 2007
  api version: 00000004 00000005
*** unhandled(command=4) ***
*** unhandled(command=1) ***
*** unhandled(command=0) ***
  devlist: hawkv2
  ERROR(5): Core not responding
Connection #1 from localhost closed at Wed Oct 31 19:37:57 2007
After that CW give me Core not Responding error, I've changed the JTAG speed, after installation it was 250 I increment it down to 75, and set it to 8000 and increment it down to 1000
BUT... still the same error
 Can any one help me please