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Entering Route Request mode and not returning back to normal operation mode

Discussion created by Shyam Rachamalla on Oct 31, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2007 by Neoshen Neoshen
Hello everyone,
I have a network setup that works fine except for a problem. Right now I have just one coordinator and one router. But in future I might be working with few hundreds of them.
All my devices software was developed based on WirelessUART application from Freescale.
I am using NVM storage to store network parameters that allows me to shut them off when ever I need and bring them back alive and act same as they are on network. 
And I have been doing data transmission based on reliable mode. So if i miss or didn't receive any acknowledgement back from the destination device in a certain period of time I would resend the data packet again over the air (OTA). I retry this for 3 times and if I didn't receive any acknowledgement in these retries I would clear my zigbee transmit data buffer and through away the packet and would assume to be ready to transmit or receive any packet in future.
I know there are even acknowledgemets going back and forth between source and destination devices at network layer. I  am not sure how to control those or disable them. So if I miss any of those acknowledgemts (which might happen when my coordinator is not active or left my network), my device enters route request mode and wouldn't be able to transmit or receive any other data packet in future.
I would like to know how do I know at application layer that I am gonna enter route request mode and how do I revert back to normal working condition where I can transmit and receive data?
I am not even sure is there a way to disable the acknowledgements at network layer and what affect might that have on performance of network?
If any one could give few suggestions I would be so grateful.
Thank you