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IPU IC register setup for FMem -ch14-> IC -ch21-> DMFC -?-> DP -> DC -> DI to replace FMem -ch23-> DP -> ...?

Question asked by cmhe on Mar 13, 2015
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Hi Community,


I have a working setup where I use the channel 23 to display a framebuffer (800x600) from the system memory on the display (LVDS) in 800x600. (FMem -ch23-> DP)

I now want to implement hw scaling using the IC to scale a part of the framebuffer (say 640x480 offset 0x0 within the 800x600 framebuffer) to the complete display of 800x600 resolution. (FMem -ch14-> IC -ch21-> DMFC -?-> DP -> ...)

What registers do I have to set/initialize to switch from a channel 23 setup to one where I inject the IC on runtime?


Here is what I got so far:



2. Set IPU_DMFC_IC_CTRL to replace ch23 (0x4), w: 800, h: 600, ppw: 16 (0x1)

3. Set IC_EN in IPUx_CONF

4. Set Burstsize to 16 for cb3 (ch14) CB3_BURST_16 in IPUx_IC_IDMAC_1

5. Set Burstsize to 16 for cb1 (ch21) CB1_BURST_16 in IPUx_IC_IDMAC_1

6. Set IC output height to 600 T2_FR_HEIGHT in IPUx_IC_IDMAC_2

7. Set IC output width to 800 T2_FR_WIDTH in IPUx_IC_IDMAC_3

8. Set CPMEM of ch14: PFS=0x7 (RGB), BBP=0x3 (16), NPB=0x1f (32 ppb), FW=799, FH=599, WID0=0x4 (5), WID1=0x5 (6), WID2=0x4 (5), WID3=0x7 (8), OFS0=0x0, OFS1=0x5, OFS2=0xB, OFS3=0x10, EBA0=0x1f200000, EBA1=0x1f200000 (Buffer address of ch. 23), Stride=1599

9. Set the IC Task: PRPVF_DS_R_V=0, PRPVF_RS_R_V=0x1996, PRPVF_DS_R_H=0, PRPVF_RS_R_H=0x1997 in IPUx_IC_PRP_VF_RSC=0x19961997 to scale 640x480 to 800x600

10. Setup frame sync flow: PRPVF_DEST_SEL=0x9 (ch23) in IPUx_FS_PROC_FLOW2 and DP_SYNC0_SRC_SEL=0x4 (IC VF) in IPUx_FS_DISP_FLOW1

Not sure if this is right. Do I use ch23 as replacement for ch21 in the sync flow settings?


11. Set the DMFC burstsize for the channel 23 to 4 words: DMFC_FIFO_SIZE_5B=0x11 in IPUx_DMFC_DP_CHAN

12. Enable ch14: IDMAC_CH_EN_14=1 in IPUx_IDMAC_CH_EN_1

13. Enable Viewfinder Task: PRPVF_EN=1 in IPUx_IC_CONF


Did I miss anything or have listed something incorrectly? Do I need to deactivate/change something from the ch23 setup?

The documentation is a bit vague in regards to the channel 21 setup. Does it even use the DP like channel 23 when it replaces channel 23 on the DMFC?

Is a demo/test application with source for this pipeline (FMem->IC->DMFC->...) available?


Thanks and best regards,



added more missing cpmem parameters


added missing DMFC burstsize to 4 words step