Tony Mouawad

MCF547x/8x & Linux v2.6.10 Stability Problems

Discussion created by Tony Mouawad on Oct 29, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2007 by limeyguru
The MCF547x with Linux v2.6.10 Kernel from the Freescale BSP release has surfaced what appears to be kernel stability issues.  We're spotting intermittent problems in JFFS2 and also in softIRQ with tasklet_action.  There are other issues with just complete system lockup but it's not confirmed whether or not it's kernel related.
Regarding the JFFS2 issue, it was recommended that we use a more recent kernel but there doesn't seem to be anyone with a version more recent than v2.6.10 for the MCF547x series.
I notice that Freescale does have a BSP for MCF5445x with Linux v2.6.20.  Are there any plans for a Linux v2.6.20 port for the MCF547x?