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Problem by resetting the HC08GZ32 with MON08

Discussion created by Sascha Ehlers on Oct 29, 2007
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I started a project to learn programming in C..
I decided to use the HC08GZ16.
I designed a board for some inputs, outputs and the pull up's & down's for entering monitor mode..
I could programm the flash and so on.. all worked fine.
but then I decided to change from GZ16 up to GZ32.. cause they are pin-compatible!
After brazing the GZ32 on my board i wanted to programm the flash..
It worked fine too, but then after programming the flash the programmer tries to reset the target..
and that's my problem:

it doesn't work.. :smileyindifferent:

Error Message:
"Attempting to reset target device ... Unsucessfull"

But before programming the flash, the same (i think its the same method to reset) reset works?!

I use MON08 - Class 3 to connect to my board!

Perhaps someone could help me..

with best regards,