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MPL3115A2 Turn-on time specification

Question asked by jeff_1234 on Mar 12, 2015

In the Electrical Characteristics section of the mpl3115a2 data sheet (page 6),

item 14 is the Turn-on time.  In 128os mode, it's specified at 1000 ms.

This is the amount of time you have to wait for "valid data" after exiting

standby mode and entering active mode.


I don't see this delay implemented in any of the sample mpl3115a2 drivers posted on

the internet or on this website.   I would expect to see code as follows, with a 1000ms

delay after leaving standby and entering active mode:


I2C_WriteRegister(MPL3115A2_I2C_ADDRESS, CTRL_REG1, 0xB9);   // Active altitude mode, OSR = 128


// then toggle the one-shot, wait for Data Ready, and read the data.


Is the Turn-on Time specification real, or can it safely be ignored ?


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