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Sensor Fusion FXS-9AXIS + KL25Z don´t work well in Gyro Stabilized Compass Mode.

Question asked by Amadeu Nascimento on Mar 12, 2015



I trying to use the Fusion Toolbox in Windows 7 (Build date 20 Nov 2014 Rev B) with the board KL25Z + FXS-9AXIS connected to computer via USB but I don´t get the same results as in the demostrations videos (


For example, if a put a magnet close to the board the orientation varies even if the board is using the Gyro Stabilized Compass algorithm.  Another example is if I rotate the board 90 degrees the software show a rotation of 70 or 100 degrees.


I have followed the instructions on the Toolbox User Guide release 422 (Section 2.3 - Windows Quick Start Guide), and I have the OpenSda driver P&E Micro version 1.09



What I can possibily doing wrong?