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S12ZVM boost converter

Question asked by Ikki Shingu on Mar 12, 2015
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Please check whether my understanding is correct about S12ZVM boost converter.


There are the specs about boost converter in S12ZVM as below,

VSUP boost turn on trip point V_BSTON : min 9.5V, typ 10.1V, max 10.6V

VSUP boost turn off trip point V_BSTOFF : min 9.75V, typ 10.3V, max 10.8V

My understanding is that:


1. These means

- when the VSUP becomes below V_BSTON, then the boost converter operates


- when the VSUP becomes above V_BSTOFF, then the boost converter doesn't operate.


2. Therefore, there is the hysteresis features and the boosted VSUP voltage has a ripple equivalent to V_BSTON-V_BSTOFF during boosting.



Is my understanding correct?


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