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MCF5213 QSPI chip select resetting after each byte

Question asked by Mike Stone on Oct 24, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2009 by yevgenit
I'm trying to read a serial eeprom, 25LC640.
I'm using a continuous read of eight bytes (plus the 3 bytes, cmd, addr hi, addr lo).
I set the continuous bit(15) of the QCR and the QSPI_CS bits to 0xE for CS0 and the when looking at the scope during a read the CS0 keeps resetting every 8 bits, it's supposed to stay low for 11 bytes. It should go low, then the read cmd is sent, the 16-bit address is sent, then it should stay low for 8 bytes of data. Then CS0 should go high, but it goes hi inbetween every 8-bits, just like the bit 15 in the cmd byte isn't set.
This code works on a 5216 with the same eeprom.