Ehab Saleh

MC13211 VS MC13213

Discussion created by Ehab Saleh on Oct 24, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2007 by Peter Fejes

I'm was using smac in MC13213 where the device goes to sleep mode (stop mode 3) and wakes up via a keyboard interrupt (PORTA/KBI), it worked fine. I changed the chip to MC13211 which has no difference except the RAM/ROM size.. The problem I faced after using the MC13211 chip is that I found there is a 600uA current draw in the sleep mode which is supposed to be less than 1uA!!! The same code on the same hardware draws 1uA if I use MC13213,, but when I use MC13211 the current start ramping from 50uA up to 600uA !! could anyone explain what is going.