Sharmila Inamdar

zigbee network assciation problem on our new EndDevice Board

Discussion created by Sharmila Inamdar on Oct 23, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2007 by Alessandro Dionisi
We have successfully tested our new End Device board for TX and RX using the beekit PER test program TX-RX and another freescale 12323 SRB.
Our board hw design is exactly based on MC131213 SRB board. The beestack code base used is 1.0.2.
But we are facing problem when running GenericApp zigbee end device code on our board and standard NCB co-ordinator kept at very close distance. We have observed that it is not able to associate. It is continuously sending beacon requests, but seems to be not able to receive any beacon from co-ordinator. If we load the genericapp end device code on other Freescale SRB board, this FS board works fine.
Any hint on this ? is there any timing related or any other physical parameter to be tuned for our board ? Help on his is very much awaited.