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DEMO9S08QD4: programming through BDM port header

Discussion created by Saulius Jacenas on Oct 23, 2007
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Using DEMO9S08QD4 board to program QD4 processors for a while and it works fine. Up till now I was using QD4 DIP socket. Now decided to switch to BDM port header which si located on a side for optional use (have to install pin header). But it does not work. I monitored BDM signals with scope both on pin header and on dip socket and they seem to be ~identical. It just does not want to connect to a chip. I atteched demoboard schematics with red lines which shows that BDM wires to pin header and to dip socket comes from different programmer chip pins and I don't understand why it is not the same one. Maybe someone has a solution, becouse it is much more confortable to use pin header.




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