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_io_mfs_install fails with ffs_wl

Question asked by Patrick Degry on Mar 11, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2015 by Patrick Degry

I try to use K60F120M tower nand flash with ffs_wl and used the example in the MQX tree as a starting point. As far as I can see, the IO pins are set OK.

In the code below, which is part of the the shell ffs_open command, nandflash_handle gets a value but _io_mfs_install fails (internally, it hangs when it tries to install a lw_semaphore).


I use CW10.3 with MQX4.1.


Any idea why this happens and/or is there a check to see if the hardware access is OK (simple read/write from the nand...?)?


        /* Open nand flash wl in normal mode */

        nandflash_handle = fopen(FFS_DEVICE, NANDWL_OPEN_NORMAL);

        if ( nandflash_handle == NULL )


            printf("Unable to open NAND Flash device.\n");

            printf("\nYou must run \"ffs_repair\" command\n");

            return 0;



        /* Install MFS over nand_wl driver */

        error_code = _io_mfs_install(nandflash_handle, filesystem_name, (_file_size)0);

        if (error_code != MFS_NO_ERROR)


            printf("Error initializing MFS: %s\n", MFS_Error_text((uint32_t)error_code));

            return 0; //_task_block();