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Specifying binary start address with CF Flasher when using command line mode

Discussion created by Jason Armistead on Oct 22, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2010 by Jason Armistead
Using the latest CF Flasher 3.1.6 (which in the Help still says is version 3.1.5), I am trying to program my EVB from a CMD prompt / BAT file.
I can specify everything using CFFLASHER.EXE command line options, except the start address for the BIN file.
This seems to be completely missing from the command line help, i.e. CFFLASHER -h
If this is truly missing, can it be added to CFFLASHER's enhancement request list ?  Then, the Windows GUI functionality and the command line functionality would be equivalent.
If it's not missing, can someone explain how to do this ?
For various reasons, my toolchain is developing BIN files and not S19 files.  I would prefer not to have to change this behaviour.