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About IPU reset issue (timeout-error) in i.MX6DQ.

Question asked by Keita Nagashima on Mar 10, 2015

Dear Sir or Madam,



My customer is making the custom software based on i.MX Series Platform SDK Ver1.1.

(Board: Custom board with i.MX6Dual)

And, they implemented the initial setting in following order to start-up IPU by referred to the ips_test.c, ips_display.c, ipu_common.c, ips_disp_panel.c, etc in the sdk\drivers\ipu.


1. Set the IOMUX

2. Set the CCM

3. Reset the IPU by SRC

4. Enable the DI0, DC, DP, DMFC in IPU

5. Set the IDMAC and CPMEM

6. Set the DC in IPU

7. Set the DI in IPU


But, timeout-error occurs at " 3. Reset the IPU by SRC".


After set the sw_ipu1_rst = 1 in SRC_SCR register, they read the sw_ipu1_rst bit.

But, the sw_ipu1_rst kept the value of "1" (i.e. cannot finish the reset).



Are there any setting to clear "sw_ipu1_rst" bit?

We'd like to know the necessary component before resetting IPU by SRC


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