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FRDM-KL26Z Board Components

Question asked by Frank Bannon on Mar 10, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2015 by Frank Bannon

Hi everyone,


I am learning to use KDS2.0 and working with a FRDM-KL26Z board.  I figured out how to use OpenSDA and upload the precompiled examples.

However, I would like to start a new design,  but I don't have a profile for FRDM-KL26Z.  There only seems to  be FRDM-64 profiles with KDS2.0


I did download the code examples for the FRDM--KL26Z Board but none are for KDS.  The closest is CW.  However, I am using the GNU compiler.  So, when I import the CW project, say for Hello World, there are too many preferences missing.


So....., does anyone know where I can get a FRDM-KL26Z profile/board components for KDS2.0?