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Can I use KDS and the KSDK_1.0.0-K24FN256 with tower K24 as starting point for Pin Muxing

Question asked by DaveTonyCook on Mar 10, 2015
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I'm using IAR Workbench v7.30 for Kinetis K24FN256 development.


I have the K24 tower system as a starting point / reference design and intend to use the SDK for driver development.  I will soon be moving to a custom board that will be based on the K24 Tower system however I will be modifying the pin muxing / allocation for my custom board.  I would like to use, if possible, KDS to import the KSDK_1.0.0-K24FN256 reference project and use that as the starting point for modifying the pin mux / allocation.


Can this be done and if so how do go about it?