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Include a .lib file in a CW 10.2 libmaker project

Question asked by Marco Porzio on Mar 10, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2015 by Marco Porzio

Hello guys,


I need an help on CodeWarrior 10.2.

I have an old project with a HCS08 microcontroller (MC9S08DZ60) made with CodeWarrior 6.3. In this project I create a library that includes some .c and .h files, obviously, and the ansiis.lib.


Now I have to migrate the project in the CodeWarrior 10.2 and I must have full compatibility: hence, I have to create a .lib that can be also used in old existing project compiled using CW 6.3.

In CW 10.2, first of all I tried to used the "CodeWarrior classic project importer", but I cannot compile it without error: it say to me that the main is not defined in the startup file.

So I created a new project using the same .c and .h files and I able to compile it. Only that I can not include the ansiis.lib. I imported the project "hc08_lib", that contains ansi library, and I referenced the "hcs08_c_no_float" project that generates the ansiis.lib.

However, when I build my project.lib file, it does not contains the ansiis.lib.

How I make it possible? I found the method to make this in S08 linker options, but not in a libmaker project.


Thanks in advance at all that will help me.