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Build MFG Client driver ,and it can't work in my i.MX28 EVK

Question asked by gary lee on Mar 10, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2015 by gary lee


I rebuilt the MFG Client driver (iMX28-EVK-PDK1_9-UUT), and renamed the to, then copied it to "mfgtools\Profiles\MX28 WinCE Update\OS firmware".

When I used this new to update my firmware(, and file(sandy.mp3) to SD/MMC, I found MFG client driver didn't create MBR section in SD/MMC, so it can't write the file(sandy.mp3) to disk.

BUT if I use ORIGINAL in the "mfgtools\Profiles\MX28 WinCE Update\OS firmware", it works fine.

So I don't know why my built can't work? I don't change any configuration of iMX28-EVK-PDK1_9-UUT, I only SYSGEN it in the first time.